Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 2: Progress

I need to start posting the DAY of, but for today, I'm sharing about yesterday's progress.

Remember that sink full of dishes? 2 loads yesterday, 1 in progress today, plus another to go. Catching up on dishes (while you also use them) is no easy/fast task, so I'm definitely seeing the need to wash as I go. And, I also see that the more I have, the more I have to do. So, I'm simplifying. The reality of this urge hit as I was putting the silverware away…and so, began the first transformation. I started purging immediately, using "Nony's" (from A Slob Comes Clean) two questions directly from her post.

"If I needed this item, where would I look for it? (take it there)

If I needed this item, would it ever occur to me that I already have one? (If not, get rid of it because I’d just buy a new one if I needed it.)"

I also applied another question, "Do I need THIS many?" ;) From that…3 grocery bags full of things to sell/give/ and 2 kitchen garbage bags full of GARBAGE.

The Before of the Silverware Drawer: It doesn't look BAD, but we have MORE than enough baby spoons…one thing we are using and throwing in the sink, not to be washed because, well, we have more! Also, I've never used those cool mustache straws…or the push up molds… And once I started emptying the drawer out, I starting finding things I forgot were there! Like that adorable little people silverware tray! And expired coupons. And can you believe how many spoons we have?! And most of them appeared from UNDER the silverware tray. I never would have thought to look here for these, if I would even NEED them! THIS is much better! I also attacked one set of cupboards. With the help of "Dino Hunter." We are not a candy family. But, when we are given some or have been to a bajillion 4th of July parades, we save it, just in case. And that "case" often never comes about. I picked a small sandwich baggie of favorites… and tossed the rest. My give/sell bags…this felt so good!!! And now I have EMPTY and ORGANIZED cupboards (forgot to take a "before" picture)… I also ACTUALLY cooked dinner, because I wasn't so overwhelmed with everything else and was feeling quite accomplished. I took a SUPER easy crock pot recipe from Nony's blog. She uses chicken, but I used pork. :) It was so, so, so good. And cooking a meal actually made me want to clean the table off… :)

It's nice to actually USE that crock pot! :) and I also made these YUMMY oven fries!

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