Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Punch It, Margaret! A Sunday-Tuesday Update

I have to put it in high gear today. Not exactly what I wanted to happen, but it was bound to happen. We were asked to show the house tomorrow. I have exactly 26 hours and 15 minutes to…well, I'm not sure.

I was doing things once section at a time, but so much for "no pressure" when it comes to showing the house. We could tell them they can't come, but I always feel awful about that since we are TRYING to sell the house, we should at least let them come. I will say, I've only had ONE showing where they came 45 minutes early, so I welcomed them in, despite the mess that was left.

When it comes to showings, I normally just throw all the odds and ends and cluttered areas into a laundry basket and throw it in the van. That was an idea given me by a friend, but we can't keep throwing our stuff in the vehicles…that's just turning into another bad habit. So, I'm not EXACTLY sure how it's going down tonight.

I do know it was providential that my 3 year old isn't feeling so well, so we decided she and I would stay home from church. So, that gives me a little extra time…I'm just going to set my mind on one section at a time and hope not to get too distracted (my biggest enemy).

Here goes.

3:30 PM - Clear off the Peninsula (my "workspace" which is currently where 6 bottles of nail polish reside, as well as all the stuff that was on it at the beginning of the week…I hadn't gotten that far yet).


It's now 8 PM and I got that peninsula cleared off…and the desk drawers emptied/organized. I kind of wish I hadn't done THAT because there isn't much visual impact (for a showing) with the INSIDE of the desk drawers…but, I will say, there IS room in there now to store things I actually need or want to keep. ;)


Oh, man…it's 8:45. I'm achey and tired and so not motivated! Must. Drink. Caffeine! ;)


^^^^ all of that above ^^^^ was from Sunday afternoon/night. So, Monday was a whirlwind and we got the house looking fine, but I didn't really get to go through things and really purge, organize, but at least I now have a not-as-messy workspace for future purgings!

I did focus on two purging areas yesterday, as well as my non-negotiables of dishes and laundry.

I went through my baby boy's clothes and finally put the too-small ones in a tote and the ones that he will wear in the DRAWER! Imagine that!? ;) I still have to go through them and decide which ones to give/sell.

I also (kind of) purged the bathroom counter/cupboard, tossing hair products that I don't/won't use in the garbage. Still a lot to do with the cupboard itself, but the countertop is looking rather nice!

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