Saturday, January 17, 2015

Little By Little

No pictures today, but I did take some (but didn't get them onto my computer) and got yet another section of the kitchen done today.

My big issue is/was that I felt I needed to get it all done in one fell swoop. I used to have the energy to do that. This tired, busy Mama doesn't have that kind of stamina now. All-nighters to clean the house? No, thank you!

So, I'm totally giving myself a no-pressure rule…get ONE section reorganized, purged, cleaned a day. Do the dishes (which I'm finally caught up on and actually staying caught up on) and the laundry (which I am also caught up on).

My dishes method is to EMPTY the dishwasher in the morning so I can fill it up through the day, as things get dirtied and then run it when it's full, which on a normal day, will be when we go to bed at night. Saturdays, with everyone home all day, we will go through more dishes. Now that we have downsized our dishes significantly, it's so much easier to keep them clean! The kids drink from ONE cup a day and they have enough plates/bowls to get through the day without having to stop and wash btwn meals. So, loading is all we have to do! YAY! I'm fairly excited about this method!

As far as laundry…blow outs and wet beds make it so that I can't pick a DAY to do laundry. I just wash as necessary…so far, that works…I just have to remember to throw things in/switch them over and NOT leave anything to get all stinky in the wash. Which reminds me… (I'd better go switch that load over now!)

Today's purge and clean area was the other corner of the kitchen…where all the vitamins and meds are packed…we had so, so, so many unused and useless things! I actually cleared out an entire shelf so I have a place to store my Advocare products! YAY! And the awesome thing about these purge and cleans is that they really don't take that long at all!!! I just had to FINALLY get up the courage to attack them!

Oh, and I did a little extra something…I cleaned out my makeup bag. I know, right?! Those things get dirty, overfilled and cakey really fast. That felt good to take care of.

Also, on another random, but productive and exciting note, I signed up to be a Jamberry consultant! So, now I have something else to vie for my time, so I need to be careful about that…whilst signing up I actually burnt lunch. That was a sign to me that I have to watch my time commitment to that, ha! ;) Anyway…if you like/want/need/have to have adorable, awesome, amazing nail wraps, go to and shop to your heart's content!

All in all…great day. I'm achey and tired, but it's a good tired. We had THREE meals together AT THE TABLE, cleaning up after each one. Played a board game as a family, built snowmen, snuggled with the kids and had a really great day at HOME together… :)

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